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Aug. 10th, 2005 @ 08:10 pm
i have been altered.

chess queen... Jun. 7th, 2005 @ 04:00 am
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May. 9th, 2005 @ 09:55 am

So... rob signed me up for gmail.... the first email i get:

Giovanni - Oh Yeah!  You partied with us, filled out a card and now you've won an entire night of the Funk Phenomenon. 

Just choose the best night for you and your friends and I'll hook you up with an amazing night of partying!  An  open bar from 9-10 and a waived cover from 8-11.  That's just to get you started!  We're open until 4am and want to funk it up with you all night long.

The first available date I have is  Friday, May 13th.  After that I have Friday, May 20th. 
Do any of those work?  If not, don't stress it.  We'll be setting up more in the future.  In fact, let me know which night works best for you and I'll work some magic to make it happen.

Please let me know if you have any questions or need anything at all.  Dino and I are psyched to get you hooked up to the Funk Phenomenon!

It's time to Funk It Up!

Funk Groove Bar
5 Division Street
Chicago Il, 60610

Yeah i vaugly remember this place.... the bouncer looked like elvis, i got my ass grabbed a lot and the floor was sticky...

so whose in?

May. 5th, 2005 @ 09:36 am
so... in the ups last night i got hit on A LOT. Like the most ive ever been hit on....

downside is they were all burly black men.

im still drunk

May. 4th, 2005 @ 01:04 am
Journals are for good times, tonight was definately a good time. first, i got up super early because they shut the water off in my building at 9, so i took a shower at 8.. i got bored so i got ahead of all my school work, aww hell you guys dont care about this shit.

anyways a night were i was supposed to have stayed home and done nothing turned into one of the more uplifting days in my life. if you're truely interested ask me. i think im going to swear off this journal shit once again. Why write about life when you can go live it?
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So seeing as in im not going overseas this summer, i have no girlfriend, and i go completely manic depressive if i dont keep busy, i decided i will once again do music and try to do shows. except im pretty bored with the forms of music ive played before so logically im starting an all white rap group. So far, its me McDjJDMD, MC mgigga, Rob oswald (name to be picked soon) and possible Ben Janik. Im hoping to have a show middle of the summer.

comments are welcome
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Fill in the blank.

I pity the foo who ________________
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they say bad news comes in threes, so i guess this is one?

Do to lack of funding for x-core, i will not be going to Lagos, Nigeria. Since this was the highlight of everything thats been happening lately i would appreciate some love.
» (No Subject)
For those of you interested in a great date movie, i suggest Millions. My date was a hairy pakistani dude. that kinda sucked.
» (No Subject)
my hilarious story of the night.

im on the red line headed back home from a friends. while on the train i met this colorful young chap. never got his name but i will call him edgar. Edgar probably had less blood than liqour in his system. he was a gangly 6'"5 and probably weighed as much as 140 lbs. Edgar approached me and said "What the hell is your problem?!?!" i was fairly baffled. here i was minding my own business listening to total eclipse of the heart on my ipod and eddy decides im an asshole. i didnt respond i just looked at him. He said "i nodded to you and you didnt nod back!" i said "oh...well i didnt notice and if i did i probably wouldnt have nodded." i said this completely as a joke, but sometimes when you smile as you tell someone their existence is meaningless they get a little pissy. I cant remember the exact words he said but they were along the lines of "wanna roll bitch?" i sat there standing by the broken subway door half smiling with one eye brow raised thinking,"id kill this kid if i shined a light through him" and then it hit me like a heaping pile of shit from the angels of humor. unfortunately the metaphor angels didnt shit on me. i said "yeah sure, but not on the train. its a felony." its not a felony but hes drunk and stupid. So we wait for the next stop and hes just sitting there staring at me, and i put my ipod back on and smiling about how hilarious this is going to be. we get off and walk up the stairs and get to the turnstile. edgar i think is from out of town. the backwards nascar hat kinda gave it away for me. i motion for him to go first and like the bad ass that he is he struts through, and with every click of the locking mechanism in that rotarydoor my smile grew bigger. edgar looks behind at me smiling at him on the other side of the turnstile with his hands outward as if to say "what the fuck" i just smiled as i pulled the bars to show him the rotarydoor is only one way and said "Have fun getting back in chump." and walked back down to the train. i was down in the subway for about 10 minutes waiting for the next train. seems like edgar didnt get back in.

Auto response from MerryC2103: Paw Paw for a bit.
Friends and Sailors: Call me and convince me that it would be worth it for me to come back to Holland tonight for the boat party. Thank you.

Melancholytron: if you come to chicago you can ride my dingy.
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